Okan Cüntay graduated from ‘German High School of Istanbul’, and he completed his undergraduate studies at ‘Northwestern University’ in industrial engineering. In 2002 he graduated from ‘Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management’ specializing in finance, marketing and general business administration.

He is Chairman of ‘Centrum İş Merkezi A.Ş.’ since 2002. He founded another company in 2009, ‘Gümüştay İnşaat’ with the partnership of another family and the company has been constructing residential and commerciale buildings since.

With the help of his experience and knowledge from ‘Gümüştay İnşaat’ he founded his third company ‘ABS Yapı Elemanları’ he granted an exclusive dealership of Italian Geoplast for Turkey. He has been marketing new and innovative products ever since.

ABS Yapı, which started to produce its own designed products in Turkey under the management of Cüntay since 2018, has made its innovative products accepted in both national and international projects, and was awarded the 2020 Building Catalog Gold Plumb award in this field.