ABS Disposable Formworks

ABS Disposable Formworks are concrete shaping structures made of recycled plastic that is used only once. They are also called void formers, permanent formworks or single-use formworks. They create reinforced concrete raised floors up to 300 cm, thus providing a light, fast, easy and economical filling in any structure. Reinforced concrete raised floors are constructed faster and easier, are lighter weight and are more economical than conventional filling applications.

ABS Disposable Formworks can be used for any sort of lightweight filling application. Uses include sunken slab fillings, landscape fillings to create a hard surface, inverted beam fillings, fillings between foundation footings, carpark ramps, pool decks, elevator/staircase hallway fillings, and crawlspace construction.

In addition, reinforced concrete raised floors created with disposable formworks can be used instead of modular raised floors by adding a grid of simple junction boxes to the system. 

For more information please visit ‘ABS Disposable Formworks‘ website. For the Turkish website please visit ‘ABS Kör Kalıp‘ website.

Advantages of ABS Disposable Formworks

✓ The lightest solution

The lightest solution to any filling problem; regardless of the height, only the weight of the topping concrete is added to the structure.

✓ High load-bearing capacity

At a sample height of 100 cm with only 5 cm of topping concrete, the live load-bearing capacity is 55 kN/m2.

✓ Void space creation

The void space that gets created can be used for installations (electrical, mechanical, etc.) to pass through; columns have a net opening of 59 cm.

✓ Ramp construction

PVC pipes can be cut at any size needed to create a ramp.

✓ Heat and sound insulation

The void spaces can provide a degree of heat and sound insulation.

✓ Separator wall construction

Separator walls can be installed directly on the newly created concrete surface.

✓ Environmental value

Because the formworks are made of recycled PP, they help to gain considerable LEED certificate points.

✓ Unmatched logistical advantage

The products are stackable, nesting in each other, providing enormous space efficiency. At a sample height of 100 cm, 1 truck of disposable formwork equivalents 50 trucks of alternative filling material!

✓ Reduced construction time

Construction activities on upper floors can proceed without having to wait for the filling application on lower floors, as the filling application can be done anytime, saving very valuable construction time.

✓ Fast and easy installation

Installation can be as fast 100 m2/hour for fixed-heights, 20 m2/hour for adjustable-heights, and requires no skilled labor.

✓ Continuous concrete surface

Any sort of covering (epoxy paint, wood flooring, asphalt etc.) can be applied on the concrete surface very easily.

✓ Radon gas and damp barrier

If used above foundations and properly ventilated, the system is the most economical and safest way to remove radon gas, humidity and dampness from living quarters.

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