Polymer Slab Formwork

Second generation polymer construction formwork EKOPLAK has been developed as an alternative to plywood boards, one of the most consumed supplies on any job site. EKOPLAK is more durable, could be used in every weather condition, has a longer life span and since it is completely recyclable it has a very low environmental impact.

  • 1 plate EKOPLAK: 1.250 x 2.500 x 18 mm
  • With its ideal size it guarantees maximum productivity, it could be used together with 18 mm standard plywood boards
  • In comparison to 1. generation polymer construction formworks it is PP based, hence has smaller and more pores
  • It has high impact resistance, won’t break due to drops etc.; please click for impact resistance video
  • Because concrete does not adhere to the polymer surface it won’t stick during removal
  • Could be cut and nailed just like plywood boards
  • Contrary to plywood boards, there is no scratch-induced deformation problem
  • Could be used for columns, walls, slab, and beams. Because it takes its original shape after bending, it is ideal for circular wall uses
  • Could be stored in every environment, goes unaffected by adverse storage conditions (water, moisture, insects, etc.)
  • Resistant to all weather conditions
  • Because it is recycled on kilogram basis, even the smallest piece gets not wasted
  • Long life span; the minimum life expectancy is 3 years even under most severe conditions

For more information please visit ‘Ekoplak’ website.

ekoplak polymer slab formwork
ekoplak polymer slab formwork

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